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No Country Area Name Designation Type
1. Philippines Abung Marine Protected Area
2. Philippines Adlay Marine Protected Area
3. Philippines Agan-an Marine Reserve
4. Philippines Agoho Marine Fish Sanctuary
5. Philippines Agoo-Damortis Protected Landscape and Seascape
6. Philippines Agsalin Fish Sanctuary
7. Philippines Aguining Fish Sanctuary
8. Philippines Agutayan Marine Protected Area
9. Philippines Alabel Fish Sanctuary
10. Philippines Alang-alang Marine Sanctuary
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1. coral and reefs
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Search for records which contain words coral and reefs. Same as the "and" function.

3. coral or reefs
Search for records which contain words coral or reefs.

4. "reefs"
Search for records which contain exact phrase "coral reefs".

5. coral not acropora
Search for records which contain words coral and not acropora.
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