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In order to provide context to the lessons learned from the implementation and management of MPAs in East Asia and Micronesia, we have provided 25 case studies from around the region, grouped into four categories: Habitats and Biodiversity, Socio-economic Objectives and Impacts, MPA Benefits to Fisheries and MPA Monitoring. These case studies represent current issues and problems in the science and management and the approaches used to address them. All of these case studies are taken from published journal articles or reports and the citation is provided. Click on "view details" to read the complete case study.

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Habitats & Biodiversity
Socio-economic objectives & impacts
MPA benefits to fisheries
MPA monitoring

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  • 1. Category MPA monitoring
    Region / Country Philippines
    Project Name The accuracy in assumption
    Citation Russ, G.R., B. Stockwell, A.C. Alcala. 2005. Inferring versus measuring rates of recovery in no-take marine reserves. Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 292: 1-12pp.

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    To answer the question of whether the rates of biomass recovery of fished species can be inferred reliably from once-only spatial comparisons of no- take marine reserves of different ages and fished areas- a study was conducted at 15 no-take reserves and 14 adjacent control (fished) sites in the cen ...
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